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Men have their own unique physiology, with boundaries to healing and areas of opportunity. Many health issues you experience are often not spoken about, and there is often a lack of resources available to address these issues with discretion and ease. COGENT Health for Men has changed that.

What is


If you’re a man who has slowly been realizing you just “don’t feel the same as you used to”, you may be experiencing Andropause, a very real physiological shift in a man’s body. We often hear about menopause, and many resources are given for this time in a woman’s life, but men experience shifts as well which can be proactively addressed.
These symptoms are simply signs of an underlying shift which can be addressed.
You’re already busy. You’re driven, focused, and committed in so many aspects of your life. COGENT Health for Men can give you the tools to feel empowered to use that same drive for optimizing your health. Ready to feel like you again?

Some common signs of Andropause: